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Cox Treatment For Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc Treatment: Cox Technic

Cox Technic - Herniated Disc Treatment

Photo from Blausen Gallery 2014.
Wikiversity Journal of Medicine.
DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.010. ISSN 20018762

Are you looking for herniated disc treatment alternative to surgery and/or steroids?

Some people with disc herniation have been led to believe that they have to live with it long term or for the rest of their lives.  Most rely on pain medication and ongoing pain management.  Some are contemplating surgery.  Unfortunately, a lot of them are not aware that there is a chiropractic treatment method that is extremely effective in not only decreasing the pain of acute and chronic disc protrusions, but most importantly, in getting the disc to heal. Furthermore, this is a natural and non-surgical solution to resolving your bulging disc.

The chiropractic method I am referring to is called Cox Flexion Distraction, aka Cox Technic. Statistics show the success rate of the use of method for eliminating  pain and resolving the following causes of pain is between 89% and 95% within about 8 to 10 weeks of treatment:

  • disc protrusions, disc bulge, disc herniation
  • stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal)
  • lateral recess stenosis (narrowing of the canal where the spinal nerves exit)
  • lower back facet syndrome (lumbar facet syndrome)

It is so effective for treatment of the above conditions that many patients were saved from having surgery.  Surgeries are not only expensive, they come with great risks.  Having used this method for over 20 years, I’ve saved my patients from the discomfort, temporary disability and expense of surgery.

One patient I am currently treating using the Cox Technic shared with me that her primary care doctor recommended that she stop her treatments with me and see a neurologist for the stenosis.  She responded by saying, “Why would I do that?  I’m getting better with this treatment.  The pain is decreasing…”

Cox Treatment for Herniated DiscCox Flexion Distraction is performed by using a specially designed chiropractic table.  To perform the procedure the patient lays either face down, or even on their side if in extreme pain. For lumbar herniated disc treatment, the doctor then gently and slowly moves a section of the table below the patients waist, which has the effect of “suctioning” the disc material away from the nerve being irritated.  The term “suctioning” might lead you to believe that this is a painful procedure.  It is actually a gentle and safe procedure.    It gently opens up space in the irritated segment.  It gently provides controlled motion so that any inflammatory byproducts can be mobilized from the area.  I’ve used this on patients with severe acute pain and frail osteoporotic women with excellent results.


Watch this video to see how it works:

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