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Lower Back Pain Treatment Using Cox Flexion Distraction

For low back pain due to herniated discs and other back pain syndromes, I use the Cox Flexion Distraction. It is a gentle, effective treatment for both acute and chronic low back. It is also a safe and effective method of treatment for back pain during pregnancy, as well as treatment of back pain for the elderly and frail. This treatment method is also known as Cox Technic. If you are unfamiliar with this low back treatment method, watch this video. I recorded this video from my chiropractic clinic in San Carlos with a patient while I was giving her a real treatment for her low back pain.

If you have a low back problem, I recommend the lower back blog post.

Do you have questions specific to your low back or neck pain condition? Don’t hesitate to call the number or fill out our contact form above. I also recommend you schedule a free 10-minute consultation.

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