Spinal Stenosis Chiropractic Treatment That’s Effective: Cox Technic

Is there an effective spinal stenosis chiropractic treatment to avoid surgery? Yes! Surgery is not always necessary for spinal stenosis pain relief.

spinal stenosisWhile spinal stenosis may not be curable because it is a degenerative condition, you can effectively manage the pain using the Cox Technic, which is also known as Cox Flexion-Distraction.

The Cox Technic is a form of spinal manipulation. The American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians recommends spinal manipulation as primary care for low back pain, which for some cases is due to spinal stenosis.

If you are suffering from spinal stenosis, a realistic expectation is 50% pain relief using this chiropractic technique.

While each patient is unique, here are some common expected outcomes for 50% pain reduction from spinal stenosis:

•    12 visits of Cox flexion-distraction treatment
•    widening the spinal canal foraminal area by 28% during treatment
•    returning motion to the spinal joints

So for relief for spinal stenosis pain, consider Cox Technic treatments. We offer a free initial 10 minute consultation to allow you to ask questions regarding spinal stenosis chiropractic treatment.