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Douglas Husbands DC - Chiropractor in San Carlos, CA 94070Hello, I’m Dr. Douglas Husbands, a chiropractor in San Carlos, as well as a board certified nutritionist and Functional Medicine Doctor. I focus on relieving pain and restoring full function for your neck and back, whether the cause is a herniated disc, sciatica or spinal stenosis.

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If you having persistent or recurring neck or back pain, I know you just want to get rid of it …and it’s easy to just take a pill. But, did you know that you can get fast relief from chiropractic care? I didn’t… This is true in many cases of back, neck and shoulder problems.

Many years ago, before becoming a chiropractor, I was an avid bodybuilder. One day, while lifting weights I threw one of my ribs out of alignment. It felt just like a heart attack. Someone suggested I see a chiropractor, but I was skeptical. However, due to my bad condition I took a chance, and with one chiropractic adjustment, my rib was put back in place. That made me see chiropractic as an effective natural solution.  That was a life transforming event for me. It got me on a course towards passion for natural health, which led me to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

After graduating from Cleveland Chiropractic College, I began practicing in Southern California.  After a few years in practice, I became a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and then a Functional Medicine doctor.  In 2004, my family and I moved back here to the Bay Area, the place I call home, and I’ve been practicing here as chiropractor and holistic health practitioner.

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San Carlos Chiropractors - Rivera Chiropractic GroupIn my clinic, I focus on the alleviating pain and discomfort as fast as possible.  That’s because I have experienced excruciating pain… more than once! I’ve had surgeries for 3 major injuries… on my right knee,  on my right Achilles tendon, and on my left knee. Today, other than the scars no one can tell I’ve had those injuries. That’s because restoring full function to the affected area is very important to me.  And these are the same goals I have for my patients: alleviate pain and restore function.

So, if you are suffering from a neck or back problem that’s causing pain and discomfort,

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As a chiropractor, I use safe, gentle and effective chiropractic techniques, such as Cox Flexion Distraction, and

•    provide the fastest possible relief, sometimes within one or two treatments, or cumulatively for more severe cases,
•    as much as possible, restore full function to the affected area,
•    advise you on herbal or food-based supplements to support healing and relieve pain and suffering using Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

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